Assholes in the tech world, why never!
Sexists, naaahhh, can't you take a joke?
Fools? Hey we all went to Stanford/MIT, whatever.

Here's to reblogging that speaks for itself.

worst. marketing. ever. (via doctor paradox)

Infotropism – The Porny Presentation Bingo Card-play games with the assholes! 

Once you get beyond how cute they are, you’ll find that netbooks can do a lot more than check your email.
The second low point was Matt Aimonetti’s talk “CouchDB + Ruby: Perform Like a Pr0n Star.” It is unfortunate that he took this joke too far. What might have been a short, juvenille, eye-rolling bit of humor continued throughout the talk to become increasingly disturbing. Amidst this normally warm, welcoming community, I spent an uncomfortable half hour wondering if I had somehow found myself in 1975. The talk started out with a few gags: “size matters” (memory usage, amount of servers, infrastructure), reliability equated to viagra (no downtime, ready for traffic peaks, ready for more data), multiple partners (public interfaces, no discrimination), etc. Matt even gave a nod to gender balance when he asked “are you a porn star?” and showed a picture (slide 13) with four drab looking people, including one women, and then the porn references slowed down and I expected him to get into the details of CouchDB.

Master of 500 Hats: The Faces, The FACES, It's ALL About the F**king FACES! (or, the Avatars / Icons, or a Big Butt) 

I checked Twitter (hashtag #flashbelt) to see what the responses were. Here are some notable remarks:

* Fonx is reading the #flashbelt rants on Hoss offending the ladies w/ a few swear words & a penis drawing - r u really that prudish & sexist?
* nthitz lol @hoss69 “If you are easily offended, fuck you” #flashbelt
* livenootrac Ladies of #flashbelt , I am sorry for the Hoss preso, but in the flash community he gets a pass, kinda like Don Rickles - that’s just Hoss.
* CujoJpn @livenootrac And there were many ladies at #flashbelt who were offended by Hoss’ Preso some were thick skinned and took it as is.

So, if you didn’t like it then
a) you are a prude - and sexist (?)
b) fuck you
c) suck it because Hoss gets a pass here in the boy’s club known as “the flash community” and
d) you are a wimpy girl who isn’t strong enough / man enough / “thick-skinned” enough to deal with it.


Yesterday’s afternoon keynote is this guy named Hoss Gifford — I believe his major claim to fame is that viral “spank the monkey” thing that went around a few years back. Highlights of his talk:

* He opens his keynote with one of those “Ignite”-esque presentations — where you have 5-minutes and 20 slides to tell a story — and the first and last are a close-up of a woman’s lower half, her legs spread (wearing stilettos, of course) and her shaved vagina visible through some see-thru panties that say “drink me,” with Hoss’s Photoshopped, upward-looking face placed below it.
* He later demos a drawing tool he has created (admittedly with someone else’s code) and invites a woman to come up to try it. After she sits back down, he points out that in her doodles she’s drawn a “cock.”
* Then he decides he wants to give a try at using the tool to draw a “cock” (he loves this word) — and draws a face, then a giant dick (he redraws it three times) that ultimately cums all over the face.
* A multitude of references to penises and lots of swearing — and also “If you are easily offended, fuck you!”


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